Hey friends !! welcome to my blog !!! I am just a small town cutie who loves shopping a lottt !!!!!!!! This blog is not about anything creative- my poems, stories etc etc !! Its just the way I feel and things I love !! so I hope you would like reading it !! : )

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my NeW bLoG !!!

yes yes yesss !! So I finally decided to make a new blog to write all about my shopping and wishlists :D

Well some of you may find it girly.. but dont worry I would put up a post for guys too if I find something nice for them !! :P
Till then enjoy reading about my Oriflame purchases and styles on my WISHLIST !!

And also you can look and take part in the awesome giveaways by some of the famous fashion bloggers !!! : ) :D

Stay tuned for more !!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

should I do it or NoT ???

Hie friends !! I am back with my new blog post !!
I was getting soo much bored all these days...was thinking to write something.. but then again..didn't know what to write about !!

Lately I have started following all the major fashion blogs I came acroos facebook- the 1s I loved are- Giasaysthat , Fashion bombay, Style fashion etc and many more !!
I just loved these blogs telling about latest trends, different looks, mix n match !!

Soo what I have in common with all the girls having such amazing blogs- LOVE FOR FASHION !!!
yess that's right !! soo then I thought about what I like d most- shopping !! getting new stuff in my wardrobe !! Fashion..style !! trends !!

So I had a thought that I should also start a fashion blog..after all that's my 1st love !! So wont it be just great writing about it and sharing my ideas and thoughts with all d lovely ladies out there who share my interests !!

But on d 2nd thoughts I was like- Should I do it?? Can I do it?? I mean am not very good in writing as I am in shopping !! and plus soo many great blogs out there I am just li'l confused if I can ever reach that level or can I make a good start??

So am just leaving this post with a query- should I do it or not? how to start?? I would love to read your ideas !!

Maybe at the next post I anounce about my very new BLOG !! hehehe !!
till then cyaa !! take care !!

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