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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just my thoughts !!

Hi everyone!!
soo this is my post at my blog I had created 3 years back !!
Never had felt like writing anything or maybe never paid much thought over it!!
Last 1 year I had seen many many changes in my life.. friends..relationships..love.. I experienced it all!!

But LoVe???

I still wonder what exactly is love !! Is it when a mother sacrifices her own happiness to see her child happy.. Or when a person fights with his/her whole family to be with the one he/she loves a lott!! or when a person supports his friends no matter what the situation is?
Well I believe love can be in any form - materialistic or feelings or thoughts.

You just have to love yourself 1st to know what love is and what loving others is!!
But nowadays the whole definition of love has changed- People do love themselves but that's it, they hardly care about what others feel. For most of the people self-love has become more important than anything else. Even if it means hurting someone else's feelings.
I guess I understand why this happens!!


When we love our friends/partner/family or anyone else, we expect them to behave in a certain way.. we expect them to do whatever we have done for them. That's when love takes a different meaning..It becomes selfish, which to an extent it should be. But expecations hurt.. hurt a lot!!!!

And when your expecations are not met.. that is when relationships start to become sour.. they start hurting and become a burden.. you feel like its just you whose making efforts, and the other person doesn't care at all..
That's when relationships end and well they end at mostly a bad note..with lots of good and bad memories.
But these memories and experiences only help you grow.. They helped me mature a lot..

So the next time when I get into a relationship- whether friendship or love- I'll keep in mind to keep my expectations very low.. So that if they are not met, atleast I would feel less bad and less hurt the next time.

I would mark this post as a new beginning, a lesson and a new approach of living life..

P.S.- sorry for bit immature language.. would try writing better next time :D :)
Thanks Shaurya Garg for inspiring me to write... :)


Yadwinder said...

it is gud at a beginner level,, m sure u can improve a lot ,, but juz keep following ur heart ! and be wat u r ,,Imperfect coz i read u love being so :)

nikki said...

thanks yadi!! and yess I love being soo.. cz I dont thnk ny sane person cn be perfect ;)

Shaurya Garg said...

aaawww... good views... happy that u understood this fact of life.... and dnt worry abt the language, blogs are to write wat u feel rather then writing notes for Shakespeare... ;)
just keep smiling... :)

Prateek Jaiswal said...

Love is too complex and versatile to define. It would be futile an effort to even try so. Everybody including you will judge love from his/her experiences and perceptions.

So never think what is right or wrong in love or relationships. It has to be completely ur take and the people around you.

Keep writing.

nikki said...

@shaurya- : )
@prateek sir- u r absolutely right!! nd well even i just love d feeling of love..in wteva form it is : )