Hey friends !! welcome to my blog !!! I am just a small town cutie who loves shopping a lottt !!!!!!!! This blog is not about anything creative- my poems, stories etc etc !! Its just the way I feel and things I love !! so I hope you would like reading it !! : )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

shopping !!! ehh anyone??

After having a great shopping spree today !!!
I decided to write about my 1st love- SHOPPING !!!!!!!!!!
well yes like any other girl I love shopping.. a lott !!!!!!!
infact its just a passion for me..
the perfect stress-buster...hobby ... activity..

And my friends ask me why and how can I shop soo much??
and I am like what's wrong in it???????????
Everyone has different hobbies..some people like reading when bored.. some people like playing music.. playing sports.. soo why cant I shop when I get bored??

Ohk I agree am no Ambani or Birla's daughter.. But well my dad gives me enough money to spend.. And well if I like spending it on clothes and accessories rather than on drinks and eating out !!! Its just the way I like it !!
Atleast when I get my stuff home..I can feel it everyday !! soo I feel its money spent wisely !! :D

ok soo the other question.. what pleasure does shopping gives you? well 1st of all I dont necessarily shop for clothes.. It can be anything.. I like even buying cute stationary.. keyrings.. or anything which is PINK or CUTE !!!!
I just have this obsession that whenever I see something cute..i get a sudden urge to buy it !!! and I cant resist myself....... That thing has to be with me...even if I never use it in my whole life and it keeps lying in my wardrobe :P

I do get scolded a lot for my unnecessary shopping... /but I just cant help it !!! and I guess my parents have understood this fact..so now they also dont bother scolding me much.. :P

Atleast am sure about 1 thing in my life..that I love shopping,, no matter what !!!!!!!!

I have tried to curb my addiction a lot of times.. My college friends must remember how I had put a note on my Almirah that I would not shop anything for 15days.. well I had managed to do that except for 1 day..when I bought a cute top when I was out shopping for a friend :P

Also I had taken a new year pledge that I would shop less.. Which I have lost as a bet to my friend..And in penality.. I have to take him shopping !! hehehe.. :D

well my new passion these days is online shopping !!!!!!
ohh come on !! now who can resist tempting offers from websites like - fashionandyou, brandmile, voguemagnet and all the other famous stores having online shopping option !!!!
And its more feasible since our classes' schedule is too busy and we can go out just 1 day in a week :P

soo in short I would say-
I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet... and
Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping!!!!

happy shoppingg........ :)


Shaurya Garg said...

i guess u didn't fulfilled ur promise of less shopping neither abt taking ur friend for shopping.... :P

Jyoti Mishra said...

who doesn't love !!

Clara Dian said...

I do love shopping. haha
loves to know your blog