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Thursday, June 2, 2011

should I do it or NoT ???

Hie friends !! I am back with my new blog post !!
I was getting soo much bored all these days...was thinking to write something.. but then again..didn't know what to write about !!

Lately I have started following all the major fashion blogs I came acroos facebook- the 1s I loved are- Giasaysthat , Fashion bombay, Style fashion etc and many more !!
I just loved these blogs telling about latest trends, different looks, mix n match !!

Soo what I have in common with all the girls having such amazing blogs- LOVE FOR FASHION !!!
yess that's right !! soo then I thought about what I like d most- shopping !! getting new stuff in my wardrobe !! Fashion..style !! trends !!

So I had a thought that I should also start a fashion blog..after all that's my 1st love !! So wont it be just great writing about it and sharing my ideas and thoughts with all d lovely ladies out there who share my interests !!

But on d 2nd thoughts I was like- Should I do it?? Can I do it?? I mean am not very good in writing as I am in shopping !! and plus soo many great blogs out there I am just li'l confused if I can ever reach that level or can I make a good start??

So am just leaving this post with a query- should I do it or not? how to start?? I would love to read your ideas !!

Maybe at the next post I anounce about my very new BLOG !! hehehe !!
till then cyaa !! take care !!


Yadwinder said...

i olredy told ya to get engaged smwer . so du it :)

nikki said...

thanks yadi !! i hv come up wd d new blog !! check out-


Jyoti Mishra said...

Should I do it or not ???
the biggest riddle which we have to solve every day. Isn't it /?

nikki said...

@jyoti- yess seriously !! every day..every moment..bt well i got an answer dis tym,. nd i came up wd my new blog. do check out-


Morbid Angel said...

Cute blog.....Thanx for the lovely comment on my blog and for the follow..Now following u back! :)

kim bim said...

awesome post, following u now darl. and thanks for the lovely comments u left on my blog.
hugs& kisses from kimbim

Miriam Stella said...

very beautiful blog compliments
and Thanks for passing by my blog ... : D
I hope you will continue to follow me I'll be happy to reciprocate a kiss
Miriam Stella

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